• Danny

Season Number 8... (Prepared by Peter Drake)



The Australian finals have been played and the French are some weeks ahead so what is there for the true tennis enthusiast to follow at the moment? Well, of course, the ETC Open qualifiers fills that gap.

This year the battle to reach the elite looks as hard as ever with all sorts of imponderables. How will the returning member, Ayub and Mark fare? Have ETC standards improved or regressed since they last played? How will the two new players, Doug and Ivan, adapt? Like the FA Cup there are always giant-killing feats to report but will we see a player from the lower bracket win two games and reach the top group. Just like a philosophical treatise there are any number of questions and, as yet, no answers. However all will be revealed over the next few weeks. Serve well, battle hard and welcome any lucky net cords with due humility and, above all, enjoy your games.

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