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Season 9. Preview (Prepared by Peter Drake)

Qualifying Group Stage Preview

Welcome to the world of ETC prediction. One prediction that can one hundred percent be

guaranteed is that no-one will be playing any outdoor matches this weekend while Storm Dennis lasts. However when the weather relents there are plenty of fascinating matches in prospect. Let’s get all the games played and even if some of the games could be one-sided, win or lose take something from the experience. Perhaps some helpful advice or tips from the top players to their opponents.

Certainly there ought to be some close matches and the battle for the third place spots could be very interesting. And there is always the possibility of upsets to the top players.

Lets look at how each group might pan out:

Group Q1: Adrian, Michael, Eusebiu, Grzegorz, Piotr.

This looks like the strongest group on paper, the all Polish match-ups will, as always, be keenly contested, and whoever qualifies from this group will know they have been in some battles. I think whoever finishes third would be very unlucky not to go through..

Group Q2: Danny, Nigel, Ilie, Aaron, Dylan.

Can’t in all honesty see a threat to Danny to top the table but the battle for other places is wide open. The big question is can Nigel hang on to his predicted second place against a raft of younger contenders. Should be very interesting.

Group Q3: Darren, Roy, Shaun, Peter D, Willian.

This group could turn out to be a formality for Darren and Roy, Willian though could be a wildcard threat, while Shaun and Peter D will need to play to their best to prevent being squeezed out.

Group Q4: Slaw, Ahmad, Ivan, Bogdan, Ikenna, Darrean.

Tough going for this group who lost out in the luck of the draw making qualification even harder with an extra player. Five countries represented in this group which shows how international ETC is and a credit to the organisers. Who will go through? You would think Slaw and Ahmad but there are more uncertainties in this group and until the matches have been played all is up for grabs.

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