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ETC Open 4th Round Preview (Prepared by Peter Drake)

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

What with Coco’s heroics and Andy and Serena playing together it is easy to forget the other major tennis tournament at this time of year, the ETC Open. The tournament is moving along at a pace, with congratulations due to Darren and Danny for qualifying for the quarters and commiserations to Nigel and Shaun for occupying the relegation spots.

Now we turn our attention to the battle for the remaining four quarter final places. Four out of eight, who will lose out?

Slaw (7) - Kaleem (11)

H2H 1-0

2017) Slaw - Kaleem 2:0 6-2 6-1

Slaw’s record so far, two defeats to one win, is deceptive. Both his losses to the top two have been in three sets and he must feel confident to repeat his 2017 win over Kaleem when he only dropped three games.

Win predictor: Slaw 80%

Adrian (3) - Marcin (12)

H2H 0-0

Adrian ranked 3, Marcin 12. No contest? Maybe? In this all Polish battle

between two players both with 2 wins and one defeat who will come out on top?

The ETC win predictor follows the rankings in giving the odds as 70-30 in Adrian’s favour.

Ahmad (2) - Roy (8)

H2H 1-0

2017) Ahmad - Roy 2:1 6-4 5-7 6-2

After predicting a real chance for Roy in round 3 against Pete the ETC has had a reset, so to take any pressure off Roy it is going 90-10 to Ahmad to live up his number two ranking and beat Roy more comfortably than he did in their three set thriller in 2017.

Pete (4) - Michael (10)

H2H 0-0

An all GB clash. Michael had a close win in eliminating crowd favourite Nigel but six ranking points difference and with Pete in prime form, evidenced by his crushing of Roy in round 3, means the ETC win predictor can look no further than 85-15 to Pete.

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