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ETC Open 3rd Round Preview (Prepared by Peter Drake)

Two rounds finished and the table has a recognisable look. Danny, Darren and Adrian out in front, Shaun, Kaleem and Nigel struggling and everyone else bunched together. Early days though and plenty of interesting matches for round 3.

Danny (1) - Slaw (7)

H2H 2-0

2018) Danny - Slaw 2:0 6-0 6-1

2016) Danny - Slaw 2:0 6-1 6-3

Slaw has found Danny a tough opponent in the past only managing five games in their

previous two matches so can he take inspiration from Ruiz Jnr and land a surprise knockout on the number one ranked ETC and current top of the leader board?

Win predictor: Danny 80%

Darren (5) - Adrian (3)

H2H 0-0

Possibly the tie of the round. Second and third in the table, ranked five and three

respectively and with no head to head history this is a difficult match to call but on which may have strong bearing on the title.

Win predictor: Darren 55%

Ahmad (2) - Marcin (12)

H2H 0-0

Ahmad’s form going into this game is difficult to assess, while Marcin had a straight

sets win over Shaun but went down convincingly to Danny.

Hard to call but ETC win predictor goes Marcin 60%.

Roy (8) - Pete (4)

H2H 3-1

2018) Pete - Roy 2:1 0-6 6-3 6-2

2015) Roy - Pete 2:0 7-6 6-3

2013) Roy - Pete 2:0 6-2 6-3

2013) Roy - Pete 2:1 4-6 6-3 7-5

Another contender for match of the round. Very little between these two players. Pete took a set off Danny in round two while Roy went down in straight sets to Darren in the first round. Could former ETC runner up and Zimbabwe’s sole flag bearer hold off Pete?

Win predictor: Pete 60%

Kaleem (11) - Shaun (13)

H2H 0-0

Newly promoted Shaun found Marcin a bit of a struggle in round two and must be

asking himself the question, can I live with the elite? However he has the game to succeed and will hope to get his first win of the tournament in this round. Kaleem ranked 11 to Shaun’s 13 hopes to stop him.

Win predictor 50-50

Michael (10) - Nigel (6)

H2H 0-0

The question long time observers of the ETC are asking is, is time catching up on ETC

founder and legend Nigel after his two defeats in previous rounds? We will know more after his clash with Michael. Both players will see the match as a great opportunity to move up the table.

Win predictor: Michael 65%

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