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ETC Open 1st Round Preview (Prepared by Peter Drake)

There are only two topics twending around Erdington on the first day of British summertime, will Theresa May’s deal get through on the fourth time of debating and more significantly how will the first round of the 2019 ETC go?

So why not combine the two, with our English players being granted special status, while our eastern European players worry about their progress to the next round and our Irish star Angela is granted her very own backstop. That leaves Roy waiting a favoured status offering from Darren his first round opponent.

In reality first round results may be as unpredictable as the eventual Brexit outcome. The

only form guide we have in terms of head to heads are Peter’s 5 victories over Angela in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

While some matches may reflect rankings, newly promoted Marcin, for instance, has a

tough job against number one ranked Danny and Michael has the unenviable match up

against last year’s champion, Adrian, who can predict Nigel versus Slaw and Darren and Roy.

Still some fascinating games in prospect. Let’s just hope they are settled before Brexit is!

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